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March 24, 2020

To all my wonderful Quilting Customers,

Yesterday all non-essential businesses in Washington were ordered to close for two weeks. Of course we all feel that quilting is essential to our mental health!!! Effective at 2pm closing today we will be closed for two weeks. We expect to reopen on April 7th. Please watch for our email announcing our reopening.

The reality is that we have lots of time to work on our projects and plan our next purchases. We will get through this and I encourage you to sort through your projects and make a list of missing items so that when this is over, you will be prepared with a shopping list in hand.

You also will be making a pile of "What was I thinking" and we will have a donation drop off to pass along those items. Of course we are preparing for a future where we can freely shop again. I will be fulfilling any online orders through the next two weeks but the store will remain closed to the public.

We recommend you watch our Website, emails and Facebook feed for any additional information.

Thank you for your continued support.
Pam & the chicks at the Barn